10 Foods You Shouldn’t Give to Your Cat No Matter How Pitifully It Asks

Ok! You have a cat! and you always make sure you give her the best food for the daily nutritional needs. During shopping, you may get tempted to buy her certain tasty foods. But! You HAVE to be aware that not all foods can be given to your Cat. Some Foods can be poisonous and may lead to serious problems. luckily and After reading this article, you will be able to avoid these unhealthy foods and SAVE your cat.
The following are 10 foods to avoid and never be fed to your cat.

1.Milk and Dairy Products.

Your Cat may enjoy having Milk and dairy products, but You’d better avoid it as it contains Lactose, this causes stomach issues and Diarrhea. So, it not necessarily to feed her Milk. When she is thirsty, Water is enough.

2. Chocolate and Candy

Humm! Human’s favorite food! but Never Feed your Cat Chocolate and Candy!
Well-documented studies showed that these foods can also lead to stomach problems, liver failure, and Diarrhea. Chocolate contains harmful ingredients; Caffeine and Theobromine. Besides, candy has a big amount of sugar which may affect your cat’s health as it does to humans.

3. Raw meat and fish

Why can’t we feed Cats Raw meat and Fish? These foods may carry certain Bacteria and Parasites. These types of bacteria and Parasites can poison foods along with causing serious severe diseases like Pancreatitis (Inflammation of Pancrease).

4. Raw eggs

The same as Raw Meat and Fish. Raw eggs should be avoided as well. They also carry certain harmful Bacteria. What’s more, raw eggs white contains a protein Named Avidin. This protein may affect the absorption process of some vitamines like B Vitamin.

5.onions, Garlic, and Chives

These plants in all forms may break down your cat’s red blood cells. Also, feeding Pet Onions, Garlic, and Chives can cause Hemolytic anemia and other threatening problems.

6. Grapes and Raisins

Even a small amount of these snacks may lead to harmful results to your cats. Well! Studies stated that cats’ kidneys failure along with other problems may be caused by Grapes and Raisins. Avoid these snacks to save your Cat.

7.yeast Dough

We should avoid giving our cats Yeast Dough. They are unhealthy for your Cat. After being eaten, it may arise in the cat’s stomach and lead to serious digestive troubles. Moreover, More sugar produced after the yeast dough gets fermented.

8. Nuts

Nuts are healthy and secure for humans as they are rich in Proteins and Fats, but they are not for Cats. The big amount of Proteins and Fats may harm your cat’s stomach because they are not easily digested.


Some types of mushrooms should be avoided. Especially the ones found in the yard, they could contain life-threatening toxins that affect your cat’s organs. Serious health problems could be caused by them. make sure you never give any type of mushrooms to your cat.

10. Tomatoes

There are two problems with giving your cat Tomatoes. The first is TOMATINE which is a toxic substance found in Tomatoes Stems and Leaves. The second is the difficulty of ingesting this substance. This may cause some symptoms like vomiting, loss of appetite.