10 habits we have that are more impactful than we think

We all navigate life differently. Our lives are based on the choices we make, the risks we make, the people we meet, and the company we keep. Most of us have a routine that has been imposed on us by either our professional career or our familial lifestyle. Most of us wake up at the crack of dawn, take a shower, gobble up some food and leave our homes towards work, post haste.

During this day of work, and even after our shifts are done, we practice a lot of things that might seem casual and completely normal, but they actually are not. Not everything is what it seems to be. After all, who knew that creating fireworks would lead humans through the mad path that ended with the nuclear bomb. J. Robert Oppenheimer, the Father of the Atomic Bomb, after the Hiroshima bombing, said “We knew the world would never be the same,” and neither will yours be as you realize several of your habits can prove to be more impactful than you might have thought.

Crossed legs

We all grew into the habit of sitting with our legs crossed at some point in our life. Some still do it to this day, either for meditation or their default sitting position. Actually, sitting cross-legged can cause spinal disorders, varicose veins, nerve damage, high blood pressure and pelvic imbalance.

Feeding birds

Humane and endearing it might be, the habit of feeding birds is actually quite dangerous. Most of us encourage our children to feed birds so as to teach them sharing and being kind, but we are not aware of the fact that we expose them to the risk of catching one disease, infection or the other, for birds carry a lot of diseases that are contagious. These diseases range from tuberculosis, listeriosis, ornithosis, colibacillosis, salmonellosis, histoplasmosis, rabbit fever, toxoplasmosis, Newcastle disease, and many more, for this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Donning cheap sunglasses

They might be cheaper, but bootleg sunglasses are actually pretty harmful. First of all, they do not serve their main purpose, which to protect you from the sun rays. Second of all, you have to realize that they are made from knock-off materials that are cheap, available, but very damaging to humans. There are several types of plastic, after all, with the majority being toxic to humans from the touch alone. Cheap sunglasses dilate the pupils, and they also make the intake of UV rays twofold its normal sum, which will lead to retinal burns or even cataracts.

Staying hydrated

Of course, staying hydrated is very much encouraged, indeed. However, everything has to be moderated for it not to turn from beneficial to harmful. Do not let the media fool you, there is a limit to how much water you can consume. Drinking water excessively can lead to several health complications. Therefore, forcing yourself to drink more than you can take is much more harmful to you than it is healthy. Keep it balanced.

Hot water bag

While incredibly useful in cold days when your old injury is aching or your muscles are cramped, hot water treatments are actually pretty harmful to you, but not in these cases.

Hot water treatments are dangerous in the cases of bleeding, appendicitis induced bleeding, pancreatitis, abdominal pain, cholecystitis and sprains. As such, it is advised to avoid said treatment in said situations.

Putting your food on your work desk

Just no. Work desks are not cleaned as often as they should be for putting food on them, nor as thoroughly. As such, putting bare food on your desk is just asking for the bacteria and germs that had amassed on it to creep into your food, thus infecting you. Your food will remain there more than enough for the bacteria to move into it, for you will be distracted by your work.

Wearing sandals

Sandals are incredibly comfy, most notably during hot days. Nonetheless, they leave your legs more open to infection and more prone to diseases. Trudging through dirt with only sandals is basically begging for the germs to climb onto your feet. Also, you are more prone to injuries while wearing such open footwear, therefore exposing to more danger in the shape of infections.

Fat-free milk consumption

It is very good for people who follow diets, yes. Even so, fat-free milk is just white water and that is that for the fat is where the nutritional value of milk is stored. That aside, fat-free milk is heavily industrialized, which means that it goes through several processes to remove the fat from it. After that, they add milk powder to it to give it as rich a texture as normal milk, which leads to the oxidization of the cholesterol in the milk, thus exposing the consumer to cardiovascular diseases.

Poor posture

Maintaining a poor posture, such as slouching or awkward angles and positions, can be very harmful to our bodies. That is due to the fact that the spine gets bent for a very long while, thus twisting out of shape. If you sit at work in a poor posture, you will be more prone to spinal problems in the near future, maybe even after retirement.