6 Gestures That Show a Man Is in Love With You and 6 Signs That Show He’s Using You

Uses you: You constantly feel guilty.

There are times in our lives when we feel like we are not doing anything properly. It is far from being a pleasant a feeling, and it intensifies once you are in a relationship in which your partner shows you that you are not doing things the way they should be done. They tell you that what you are doing is not good enough, that your choices are subpar, and they do not invest themselves in helping you improve as a person.

Loves you: He’s more aware of how his behavior can affect you.

A good partner is one who is completely aware of how their behavior impacts you. They cater to your emotions, measure their words, and moderate their actions based on how you react to them. The more invested they are in the relationship, the more self-aware they become, and they end up not changing, but evolving into a better version of themselves that harmonizes with you on a higher level than before.

Uses you: He disappears on you.

We all lead very stressful and tedious lives. As such, we might end up not fulfilling our part in our relationships the way we should. With work, house chores, and several other factors coming into play, it becomes nigh impossible to hold your phone for even two minutes straight. As such, your partner might notice that you are disappearing on them. However, you have to take into consideration that you are compelled to give them the attention and affection they deserve, for they are in this relationship for your company and love. As such, if you notice that your man is constantly disappearing for long spans of time without any sign, it is a proof that they do not value you as much as they should.

Loves you: He notices small details that make you happy.

If a man truly cares about you and is in the relationship out of love and affection, then they will inevitably notice the small, unnoticeable details that make you happy. They will notice how you like good morning texts, sudden hugs, when they do chores while you are outside, and so much more. They will notice how you react to things such as movies, series, and so on, and they will never forget what you like and dislike. Also, it will be hard for them to forget your birthday, anniversary, and all memorable moments you share.

Uses you: He is never ready to compromise.

Compromising is a huge point of order in relationship, and it could be a deal breaker if you find difficulty compromising. One of the most toxic traits in a relationship is to be unwilling to compromise, no matter how small the matter is. For example, your partner might refuse to go shopping with you because the game is on. Your partner has to be willing to hear you out, and welcoming of your opinions, thoughts, and suggestions. If you notice that is not the case, then you ought to wake up and see how they are using you.

Loves you : He opens up to you and expects you to do the same.

Human beings are very frail creatures, and their emotions are what makes them as such. Despite being the apex predator, we are also very vulnerable due to our feelings, and none are more afraid than this vulnerability than men. a man baring his heart to someone is the ultimate sign of trust and love. The reason behind the previous statement is that men is innately afraid of how someone might use their weakness against them, for they grew up in a society that induced the toxic masculinity in them by always telling them that a man does not cry, and that they are not supposed to show their feelings to anyone, even those they love.

Uses you: He emotionally manipulates you.

When you are in a relationship, you get to know a lot about your partner. A good partner will take what they have learnt and use it to improve, and to develop as a person to be a better to you. That is the healthy way to go about a relationship. However, a toxic partner will take everything they have learnt; your strong suits, your weak traits, your insecurities, and your fears, and they will use them to manipulate you to do their bidding. They will make you feel bad for denying them what they want, and they will do everything they can to get it. They will guilt trip the heck out of you to get what they want, and they will make their feelings seem superior to yours.

Loves you: He’s ready to talk through problems.

Love, affection, and care are important to keep a relationship going by solving conflicts. However, there are some issues you two might face that cannot be resolved in such a way, which introduces you to communication. A good partner is all too willing to talk about the problems you are facing as a couple. Fights will ensue all the time. However, after feelings have run their way, you will find that your partner will welcome a conversation about what ensued, and they will try their best to talk it out with you so as to solve it and for you to evolve as a couple.

Uses you: He provokes you to make public scenes or stays silent for days.

Emotions run high a lot in relationships. However, that does not mean that your partner is allowed to put you through humiliation in public by raising hell. A good partner does neither the latter nor cut communication for days. Both are unhealthy behaviors, and they are also very evil things to do. A good partner never uses your emotions against you, but rather base on them to help you improve as both a person and a couple.