9 alarming symptoms of depression women should not disregard

Depression is one of the most common mental disorders in the world nowadays. Nowadays, the persistent depressive disorder has taken the world by storm, and antidepressants are being sold out in all pharmacies.

The rate of depression has skyrocketed in the past 50 years, and it could only be attributed to the monotony the capitalist lifestyle creates. The latter statement is not to say that capitalism is bad or anything of the sort, or to answer the question “Do hormones cause depression?” It is, however, to say that there are several causes of depression, and monotony is one of them.

Our modern world is one where the hardworking thrive, and where emotions have no room in a story of success. Depression in women has been noted to be higher than in men. Not to say that men do not get depression, but with a whopping 5.5% rate in the women of the world, prevalence is to women with an incidence of 1.7%. Any man dating a woman with depression will tell you how much of a nightmare it is to watch your partner and be unable to do anything to help

All over the world, people have more aware of depression and primary depressive disorder symptoms. The latter are divided amongst the various types of depression, and no antidepressants are as effective as knowing beforehand that you are slipping into an episode.

Women happen to be more susceptible to depression. As such, to help you acknowledge the issue before it settles in, here are nine symptoms of depression in women you must not ignore.

1. Constant Fatigue

Depression is infamous for draining your energy. You will find yourself too exhausted to do even the simplest of tasks, and it will affect your daily life. You end up not doing most of your chores, and those you do leave you feeling drained. Depression sucks you dry of your energy, and it stops you from functioning as an active member of society.

2. Sleep deficiencies

If you are plagued with depression, the negative thoughts clouding your mind will never let you sleep. You will only rest after you have reached your physical and mental limits. Depressed women are known for suffering from insomnia to various degrees. They might just end up spending the whole day in bed without catching a wink of sleep in the process. The unhealthy sleep has some severe effects on both the body and the psyche.

3. Hopelessness

There are times when we might feel too pressured, and that nothing can be done about whatever predicament in which we are. We feel true despair flooding our beings, negative thoughts overwhelm us, and we are left with nothing but hopelessness filling us. Even if we do try to avoid such thinking, and even when we try to think of other things, we are still attacked by despair, and there is nothing we can do about it. The latter is one of the main signs of depression, and it cannot be avoided, unfortunately, as it is a prime characteristic of depression.

4. Short temper

With depression comes an assortment of emotions, and irritability is one of them. A depressed is notably moody, quick to anger, and very easy to irritate. Everything sets them off, and everything rubs them the wrong way. They are intolerant of everything and nothing, and they would rage about everything. The short temper could be associated with fatigue since the latter makes us feel more irritable. Still, it does not take away of the fact that, on its own, irritability is a primary symptom of depression.

5. Eating deficiencies

A lot of things get affected by depression; sleep, temper, moods, and mental health. Eating habits are one of them, unfortunately, and it leads to the body crumbling as a result. There are some cases where depressed people start suffering from a severe lack of appetite. They cannot eat a single thing, and they have to force themselves to eat to survive. Meanwhile, others suffer the other extreme of the eating disorders’ spectrum. They start gorging on food in the hope that it will numb the pain or fill the emptiness within them.

6. Disinterest

One of the most significant signs of depression is when you lose interest in things that previously intrigued you. One of the most painful things to live through is watching the spark you have for one passion or the other die down, and the only thing you can do is nothing. All you can do is sit back and watch as that spark dwindles to zero, leaving you with a void in your heart that seems impossible to fill.

7. Suicidal tendencies

Depression is known for killing thousands of people per year. That is not because depression is a terminal disease, but instead because it pushes the patient beyond their limits, thus leading them to commit suicide to avoid the pain. Suicidal thoughts are the norm in the minds of depressed people. They stem from all the previous symptoms coming together to cloud the patient’s mind and make them as if they are not worthy of living. It keeps eating away at them the whole time, and they end up thinking about ending it all the entire time.

8. Emptiness

Once depression takes hold of your psyche, you start feeling this void within you, and nothing can fill it up or mend it. You feel left with this emptiness inside you. It makes you feel lost, alone, and unloved. You feel the depression chipping away at your essence, at what makes you who you are, and you think there is nothing you can do about it.

9. Attention and Focus

Depression sinks its claws in the deepest depths of your mind, and the soft flesh of your heart. With the former reigning supreme in your psyche, you can barely focus on anything, even the simplest of tasks. You cannot concentrate on a single thing, for your soul is always occupied with negative thoughts.